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Balon ABS Bolts Wheel Mount GTS/GTV

RM 150.00

Balon ABS Bolts Wheel Mount

Balon Bolts & Scews Set

RM 320.00

Replace old bolts & screws with high quality stainless steel made for your Vespa

Balon CVT/ Clutch Cover

RM 180.00

High Quality CNC CVT / Clutch Cover from Balon

Balon Oil Dipstick 3V Engine

RM 140.00

Hight Quality CNC Oil Dipstick for 3V Engine

Balon Brembo Adaptor ABS 4 Pots

RM 250.00

Balon Brembo Adaptor ABS 4 Pots for Sprint & Primavera

Balon New Mirror Hole Cover

RM 90.00

Balon New Mirror Hole Cover For Vespa Primavera / Sprint

Balon Rear Brake Lever Cam Lever

RM 250.00

Balon Rear Brake Cam Lever For Vespa Sprint & Primavera

Balon Air Intake Cover 3V

RM 200.00

Balon Air Intake Cover

Balon New Stainless Steel Rim Bolts

RM 130.00

Replace with Stainless Steel Bolts that match with your wheels.

Balon Spark Plug Cover Carbon Primavera / Sprint

RM 250.00

Stylish Balon Spark Plug Cover for Vespa Primavera / Sprint

Balon Air Intake Carbon

RM 180.00

Balon Air Intake fits all 3V models.

Balon Wheel Cap for Modern Vespa

RM 140.00

Fancy Balon wheel cap fit all models.

Balon Rear Brake Brake Cover Primavera / Sprint LED Model

RM 150.00

Fancy brake cover for Primavera LED & Sprint LED model

Balon Wheel Spacer for GTS/Sprint

RM 100.00

Balon wheel spacer are necessary when upgrading to brembo caliper at front wheel. Fit All 125 - 150cc models

Balon Brembo 4 Pots Bolt

RM 40.00

Bored with your rusty bolt? Here is your option to make it colorful bolt for your brembo adaptor. Fits Brembo...

Balon Brake Light Cover GTS/GTV

RM 150.00

Fancy Cover for your brake light Fits GTS/ GTV

Balon Foot Peg Adaptor GTS/GTV

RM 500.00

This pair of footpeg extenders gives both the driver and passenger some much needed space by moving the stock location...

Balon Turn Indicator Vespa GTS/GTV

RM 300.00

Fancy Cover for your turn indicator front and rear Fit Models GTS/GTS

Balon Brake Cover Vespa S125

RM 150.00

Fancy Cover for your brake light. Fit Models S125

Balon Side Stand Adaptor

RM 140.00

Most stock side stand from vespa are too small and easily slip. Balon side stand adaptor extend the stability when...