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946 Dragon 2024

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A collector's item

The Vespa DNA combines with the legendary might of the dragon in this exclusive collection. This numbered limited edition of just 1888 units is a celebration of this majestic symbol of the lunar calendar. Brimming with energy and explosive force, the Vespa 946 Dragon is a collector’s item that is a fusion of culture, innovation and extraordinary attention to detail.


Myth and elegance combine

A mix of gloss and matte finishes is embellished with a vivid green dragon motif that seems to prance across the gold-coloured chassis, creating a bold contrast. US varsity-style numerals representing the years in which the lunar calendar celebrates the dragon make each scooter even more unique.


An Italian work of art

The Vespa 946 has established itself as the archetype of Vespa of the future. A true masterpiece of Italian manufacturing, it offers a contemporary take on the most distinctive elements of the MP6, the first prototype of what would go on to become one of the most beloved and iconic objects in the world. The bold spirit of the Vespa 946 Dragon is the perfect complement to the tradition and advanced technology of this prestigious Vespa.

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