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Malossi Force Master 3 #5519335 Euro 5

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Have you heard of the theory that argues we use only twenty per cent of our brain? With Force Master 3 you'll use a hundred per cent... of your engine!

To improve our most advance control module, we designed with vision, starting with the milestones achieved so far. Thus was conceived Force Master 3, a futuristic control module both in hardware and in software.



The original control module of the scooter, for analysis of the air/fuel ratio and to adjust the carburetion accordingly, normally interfaces with the lambda sensor installed on the silencer.

force Master 3 intercepts the signal of the original sensor, sending to the primary control module the values produced by a "virtual" lambda and allowing dynamic and customised management of the air/fuel ratio in all the moments for which the original system would be programmed to analyse the results of the lamba sensor.

It has finally becomes possible to manage the air/fuel ratio of the carburetion between the idle and transmission zones, essentially for all those rpm and for those conditions in which control of the operations of the lambda might prevent intervention .

Thanks to a highly evolved circuit, the electrical disturbances normally present on the throttle position signal are removed in such a way as to allow more precise identification of its real degree of opening and significantly improving response times, all to the advantage of the performance and efficiency of the engine.



Accompanying a hardware, there therefore needs to be a microprocessor with very high computing power thatwould enable the Malossi technicians to introduce new software strategies and to take advantage of all the ForceMaster 3 potentials.


Technical features:

Fuel adjustment
± 14% al LOW / HIGH / MID
RPM limiter : + 1000 RPM
8 different maps
Lambda emulator
Temperature range = -20°C +80°C
Minimum working voltage = +7V
Maximum working voltage = +16V
Average current consumption <- 200mA
Environmental protection = IP65

Particular attention was paid to improvement of the user interface by introducing a graphical display that shows the main functional parameters of the device:

Firmware version
System status
Position of carburetion correction switches