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SIP Series PORDOI wheels with fully legal road certification, for Vespa GTS models.


The SIP SERIES PORDOI rims had their debut appearance with our custom GTS 2019 that shares the same name. The good resonance and positive feedback generated motivated us to make these uniquely-styled wheels, with their special features, available to buy in our webshop. 

  • Available in either 12” or 13” diameter. 
  • Up to 140/70-12” tyres with the 12” wheels. 
  • Up to 140/60-13” tyres with the 13” wheels. 
  • German MOT approval certification. 
  • Various colours available.

We consciously designed these rims to emphasise the width to the maximum, making them noticeably broader-looking and more massively-constructed than any other aftermarket wheels that are available for the Vespa GTS models. The ten spokes, with partly machined surfacing, rounds up the unique custom look.



These can be plug & play mounted to the front and rear of the Vespa GTS. All suitable tyres up to a 140 width can be fitted. Please follow the mounting advice listed below.


The following tyre-sizes are approved for our PORDOI rim:


Tyre size front axle: 120/70-12 in connection with

Tyre size rear axle: 120/70-12 opt. 130/70-12 opt. 140/70-12 


Tyre size front axle: 130/70-12 in connection with

Tyre size rear axle: 130/70-12 opt. 140/70-12 


When using the 140/70-12" tyre on this special wheel, a tyre approval from the tire manufacturer must be submitted. You can find the ABE (approval) document in the download area where all approved tyres including the separate tyre-approval are listed.


Information: Once the size of the tyre has been altered the conversion ratio of the mechanical ORIGINAL speedometer is also affected. As the original speedometer has around a 10% optimistic difference to the actual road speed - the tolerances, when using a 12” wheel with a 140 tyre or even a 13” wheel with a 140 tyre, remain acceptable. In the end this conversion has the effect of making the displayed speed more accurate! 


Both the 12” and 13” wheels are fully approved and certified for legal road use by the German MOT. The latest certification is available for our customers in the download section of our webshop. Please check for the validity of this documentation in your country in combination with your scooter before ordering!


Mounting information:

  • Front wheel: Plug & Play! No additional mounting accessories are required! 
  • Rear wheel: To mount these wheels to the rear of your GTS, this special shaft sleeve (# MV848039) is always required. 
  • If your scooter is also equipped with an ABS system, a mounting kit (# MV000617K or # MV000617) along with new wheel bolts and mounting screws for the ton wheel are also required. These are not included in the delivery and must be ordered separately. 
  • Following mounting of the wheel to an ABS equipped model, the ASR/ABS system requires recalibration. A detailed set of instructions are also included in the download section of the webshop, or in the scooters owners handbook.

These wheels are manufactured in accord with the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO) guidelines. 


Conclusion: These rims are true eye-candy, opening up new possibilities, with full legal certification for road us