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S125 iGet

RM 13,900.00


Redefined style of Vespa S to enhance the sportiness comes in the form of a completely new front tie, the introduction of LED technology on new front headlamp shape and new Daytime Running Light. A modernized instrument panel the combination LCD digital screen and speedometer represents a perfect combination of tradition and innovation. Also new aesthetic combination of matt and glossy black finishings in several elements such as new black rear mirrors, new black frame headlamp, new black edge shield, new black muffler heat cover, new black rims and new black decal graphics on the body.

New Vespa S also undergoes enhancement in the functionality for better riding experience. In order to provide more control and comfort for both rider and passenger, new Vespa S has new shaped footrest. One of most visible changes in Vespa S is the new redesigned shape of its double seat saddle which also comes with new saddle material for comfortable seating and premium look. A more enjoyable riding experience thanks to new double swinging arm (2 degrees of freedom) in Vespa S.

RM13,900.00 BSP