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Vespa Sprint S 150 ABS iGet 2023

RM 18,900.00


Flaunting its sporty credentials to the max, the Vespa Sprint S 150 is most definitely the grittiest member of the Vespa small body family.

Dare to stand out

The newest Vespa Sprint S 125 and 150 range is characterized by a double choice when it comes to finishing. The Vespa Italian design center has provided even more sophisticated color combinations: the vital chrome finishing will be retained for white, orange, black and blue body shades; while the new black finishing details will provide the final touch to the new season's colors.The dynamic spirit of the Vespa Sprint S is highlighted by the distinctive red details of the S version.

Desire to live boldly

Enhancing the brave, daring and agile personality of its rider, Vespa Sprint S always aspires to be a trailblaizer. Vespa Sprint S is a reliable companion in overcoming your limits, conquer new challenges and just be yourself.

Go for a gritty look

The Vespa Sprint boasts a compact, lightweight, comfy and protective body, completely built in aluminium. Its youthful line is accented by a no-nonsense, gritty rectangular headlight and is finished in large 12" wheels with spectacular aluminium alloy rims.

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